We all have expectations of how we think things are going to turn. You may have had a really good coffee at that cafe once, so you expect it to be really good the next time you go back and are disappointed when it’s not.

This topic of expectation has been coming up a lot in my yoga teacher training and while I didn’t think that much about it before, I can clearly see the link between attachment to an outcome and the suffering it causes when the outcome is not quite what we expected.

Some expectations are so deeply rooted that the mind actually clings on to them. When you have an expectation that you have been holding onto for a while, you keep holding onto it because on some level it is serving a purpose, it might be protecting you or providing a diversion from your current reality. It is these long-standing expectations that cause the most suffering when they don’t materialise.

I, of course, have been holding on to a few expectations that fall into the above category and my teacher asked me to investigate why I was holding on to those expectations, how were they serving me. It was something that I had to sit with for a while, but when I realised that the reason I was holding on to certain expectations wasn’t actually serving me, I was able to start to move forward. That is not to say that I was able to let go of the expectation immediately but it did allow a new pattern to occur. When the expectation popped up in my head I simply reminded myself that it was no longer serving me, and to stay in the moment and trust that the universe will provide me with everything I need for my health and happiness. I’m still working on the part about completely trusting the universe but I’ll save that for a different blog post ;-)

L xx

I’ve mentioned this a couple of times but if you haven’t heard I’m a little bit addicted to Pinterest. I know I’m not alone, most people I talk to have a similar experience… It’s just so damn lovely with all its pretty and shiny images popping up on my pinboard. What I really love about Pinterest is that there is a steady and constant stream of inspiring images, quotes and messages to remind me what life is really all about.

Here are a few of my favourites:

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page

You can go your own way

Yes you can, thank you Fleetwood Mac!

Tiny Devotions Manifesto

Manifesto from Tiny Devotions

Find the Time

Find the time...

If you haven’t discovered Pinterest yet, then you should check it out, however I take no responsibility for how much time you waste on there :)

Also if you have a thing for shoes, you should take a peek at my finely curated collection of shoe porn here.

L xx

Oh, the Places You’ll Go from the marvellous Dr Seuss celebrated its 22nd birthday yesterday.

Oh, the Places You'll Go

This book never fails to inspire me, and no, you’re never too old to read children’s books, particularly not Dr Seuss. In fact, I’d even argue that Oh, the Places You’ll Go is all the more meaningful as an adult.

If you’ve never read it, go get it, and in the mean time remember…

Dr Seuss

Image is from here

“You’re off to great places!

Today is your day!

Your mountain is waiting.

So, get on your way!”

L xx

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