Advice From My Future Self

Intuition and trust.

It’s been a recurring theme in my life lately, more specifically I’ve been working on listening to my intuition and trying to trust my instincts.

It hasn’t been easy.

I constantly second guess myself and question my motives…

Thankfully I’ve had some help in the form of Samantha from Dakini Grace. I don’t think I can neatly put a label on what she provides, nor would I want to, but terms like mentor, life coach, guide and teacher all come to mind. Sam helped me to realise that when you trust your intuition the path will always be free and easy, when you go against your gut the road will be rocky and fraught with obstacles.

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In my last 1:1 with Sam she took me through a guided visualisation and asked me to have a conversation with my future self. This is what future Larah had to say to present-day Larah:

Don’t be afraid.

You already know the answer.

There are no mistakes or failures only lessons learned.

Trust yourself.

Those are some wise words from my future self, words I should listen to.

I’m afraid to fail, this fear is so firmly entrenched in my being that I stop myself from trying. My reasoning is that if I never try I can never fail… But I can also never succeed.

Recently I can feel something shifting, I’m starting to look forward to those failures, and more importantly, the lessons I will learn from them.

L xx

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  1. Pat said:

    Yay! Go you! :)

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