Teaching Yoga in Cambodia

The Boyfriend and I have spent the last 4 days in Siem Reap exploring the temples of Angkor, having massages and eating banana pancakes. Siem Reap is a beautiful reprieve after the chaos of Phnom Penh and words cannot describe how amazing the Angkor temples are.

Yesterday we headed to the Peace Cafe across the river from the Old Market for a morning yoga class and some breakfast but when we got there the yoga class was cancelled because the teacher was away. My disappointment was palpable to say the least, since we’ve been in Cambodia my yoga asana practice has been non-existent and I was really looking forward to giving my body a well deserved stretch.

Peace Cafe Sign

Yoga-less and slightly despondent we sat down to order some breakfast. Shortly after an American couple showed up asking about the yoga class and were also told it had been cancelled, at which point a Welsh guy who had been sitting having a coffee said that he had come for the class as well. They all seemed really keen, so I offered to lead the class if the cafe could provide the room and the mats. So somehow, in that random way things seem to happen when you are travelling, I ended up teaching a yoga class to a few Farangs above a Cambodian cafe.

Peace CafePeace Cafe Comfy Chairs

The cafe had a great yoga space above the kitchen and afterwards I sat down to a lovely (read: hippy) breakfast of scrambled tofu, a green smoothie and an oatmeal cookie. Peace cafe is an absolute vegetarian paradise, if you’re ever in the area make sure you stop by the food is great and the juices are uber-fresh.

Peace Cafe Green Smoothie

L xx

  1. Your yoga blog is amazing. I just finished my RYT 200 certification with a girl who’s heading your way to do the same thing. So amazing what you’re doing and how inspiring you are as a fellow teacher. Can’t wait to read more now that I’m following.

    • Thanks charmedyogi! You’ve got a beautiful blog yourself. I look forward to getting to know you better :)

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