Sparkly New Yoga Room at San Francisco International Airport

SFO Yoga Room Interior

Air travel can be stressful, not to mention hard on the body; we were not designed to sit for 8+ hours in a cramped space. It’s not uncommon to see passengers stretching in the aisle of a plane or stretched out on the floor of the airport lounge during a lay over, so the unveiling of a Yoga Room at San Francisco International Airport makes perfect sense.

SFO Yoga Room

The Yoga Room is the “first of its kind” and consists of a 14 square metre space with hard wood floors, floor-to-ceiling mirrors and loaner yoga mats.

Drawing inspiration from contemporary color and light artists, the architects of Terminal 2, Gensler, designed a room enveloped in a calming blue color. A floating wall symbolizes a buoyant spirit and enlightened mind. Light levels are set low and warm in juxtaposition to the bright, light filled concourse.

San Francisco International Airport, I love you and your yoga embracing ways, you’ve really outdone yourself, thank you for paving the way and hopefully many more airports will follow in your footsteps.

I have a five hour lay over at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in two weeks, do you think they could get a yoga room installed before then? Reasonable request, don’t you think?

L xx

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