Music to Yoga to

Old Cassette

For me, music and yoga go hand-in-hand, a well crafted playlist has the power to take me deeper into my practice and deliver a mind-blowingly good savasana. Some songs make it into my yoga playlist over and over again, while others come and go but each of them help add an extra dimension to my practice. Some days what you really need when you get to your mat is silence, other days it’s an insanely awesome yoga playlist… either way I wholeheartedly encourage you try spicing up your yoga practice with a few tunes and see how it makes you feel.

Here are the tunes that are currently residing in my yoga playlist (Click through on the links for the YouTube clips):

Limit to Your Love – James Blake

Destiny – Zero 7

How Come You Never Go There – Feist

Crosses – Jose Gonzalez

Lordy May – Boy & Bear

Brother – Matt Corby

The Cave – Mumford & Sons

Home Sweet Home – Lady of the Sunshine

Breath Me – Sia

She’s Only Happy in the Sun – Ben Harper

This playlist will see me through a good 40 minute session, and is definitely suited to a yin style practice with nice long holds and a whole lotta breathing. And savasana at the end to Sia and Ben Harper is divine.

L xx


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