Green Smoothie Madness

One of the best ways to start the day is with a Green Smoothie packed full of antioxidants and dozens of other nutrients and minerals. This baby is the epitome of health food… the kind of smoothie that makes you feel like one of those self-righteous health nuts. And it’s exactly what my body is craving after coming out of the food coma that was Christmas.

The basic premise behind a green smoothie is to blend together a bunch of green veg and some fruit. The great thing about green smoothies is that there is no one size fits all recipe, you can experiment with ingredients, use whatever you have in the fridge (I usually see what I can raid from the veggie garden) or include your favourite fruits and veggies until you find the right mix for you. If you are new to the whole healthy eating/green smoothie thing start out with a higher amount of fruit and gradually decrease it until you have a higher ratio of green veggies.

In my green smoothie this morning I used:

Broccoli (just a floret)

A few spinach & beetroot leaves

A few sprigs of parsley (stem and all)

1/2 Cucumber

1/2 banana

Ice cubes

Chuck it all together in a blender with a bit of water, blitz it up until its smooth, and voilà…

Green Smoothie

Green smoothies will do amazing things for your insides; stimulate the growth of good bacteria in your stomach, improve your digestion and immune system, purify your blood stream and improve liver and kidney function.

On the outside it will do fantastic things for your skin, hair and nails. I’m talking strong clear nails, luscious shiny hair and glowing skin. So what are you waiting for?

L x


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